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Graphic Design

My works in printing industry and graphic design.

Web Design

Projects with my own web design and HTML CSS coding.

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/* Projects by my HTML, CSS, JS code. */


Digital illustrations by using Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop.

About me

My name is Alice! I’m a web-designer, HTML/CSS/JS coder and digital illustrator, based in Saint-Petersburg.

I have over 5 years in graphic design experience. In free time I'm illustrator. I have very long usage experience Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. I have a big passion for art and design, specifically how these disciplines can integrate with modern web technology. For this reason I decided to learn HTML/CSS and I really like it.

Using the pre-processing technology Less, architectural methodology - BEM, jQuery, JavaScript, I try to produce clean, modular code. I will be glad interesting project.

By using Wacom tablet and Adobe applications combined with traditional illustration I deliver compelling digital illustration.